Prefabricated bathrooms

Use of prefabricated bathrooms

The prefabricated bathrooms find their application in the construction projects where they prove a certain level or repeatability. Depending on the particular project we are bale to satisfy each requirement of 25 types of bathrooms.

The manager will make a project design of the prefabricated bathroom or the investor and on the basis of the mutually agreed documents, the project design will be executed in time. The sanitary pod will be manufactured and equipped, delivered as a ready-made solution ready to be used immediately.

The construction projects such as hotels, guest houses, school hostels, hospitals, facilities for seniors, socials services facilities or apartment houses have the possibility to use all the advantages offered by a prefabricated bathroom.

The monolithic concrete bathrooms SANIZELL offer their application in all types of constructions.

Application of prefabricated bathrooms

  • Hotels, Guest houses
  • Residence buildings
  • School hostels, accommodation facilities
  • Hospitals, clinics
  • Facilities for seniors
  • Special education facilities
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