Prefabricated bathrooms

Alternative bathroom solution

The prefabricated bathroom is a completely equipped bathroom according to the individual requirements of the customer, delivered as a finished operable bathroom. On the basis of a long-term know-how we have very rich experience in the production of prefabricated bathrooms. More than 30 years of experience and more than 50.000 made prefabricated bathrooms makes us one of the largest European manufacturers.

The prefabricated bathrooms are top quality products, completely equipped with the selected sanitary equipment as well as horizontal and vertical installations. The self-bearing construction of the bathroom pod fulfils all the construction and physical requirements and offers wide possibilities of the sanitary space solution.
Our offered solution proves a significant costs saving, time saving needed to hand over the construction as a whole and last, but not least, also the constantly guaranteed quality of each prefabricated bathroom.

Hotel bathrooms

The hotel operators have the only goal: “… to make the guest feel as comfortable as possible”. For this reason, we are ready to offer what you wish for your hotel projects, we will customise the comfort and the corresponding atmosphere to your own hotel.


We will offer you a solution which will “save your time and money”, should you be a low-budget hotel or a luxurious resort. You can find references of the world-wide known hotel networks in references section.

Bathrooms for hospitals, facilities for seniors

In the domain of hospitals, rehabilitation and spa facilities, facilities for seniors and social services facilities, it is important to adapt the bathroom space for the patients or inhabitants with restricted mobility.


For the full functionality of the bathroom as well as its seamless use also by immobile inhabitants, we have a lot of verified project designs. The sanitary equipment itself and the equipment objects such as the barrier-free showers, longer toilets, washbasins, shower seats, support handles from world renowned producers are the guarantee of long-term functionality and satisfaction of users.

Bathrooms for buildings and school hostels

The current construction industry requires more and more solutions based on systemic properties and preliminary preparation of the individual construction elements with the aim to make the works procedure more efficient.


These solutions in the area of the standardized living construction bring about advantages in the form of precise manufacturing, optimal space use and well as significant financial benefits. The prefabricated bathroom is a solution that we can apply to our satisfaction to the projects from the category of social apartments to the exclusive residence resorts.

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